Residual Waste Process

Did you know..?

  • Simply Sacks does not send any of the waste collected to landfill
  • Instead it’s taken to an energy from waste facility to create energy
  • 160,000 local households get powered with the energy created from waste

What happens to residual (general) waste when it’s collected by Simply Sacks?

The Residual Waste is collected and taken to a Riverside Recovery Facility. Waste collected in London is transported there using a green highway – the River Thames. Using barges to transport the waste removes around 100,000 truck movements off our capital’s roads a year.

The waste is gathered in the tipping bay before being incinerated. The ash is collected and used as a material for road construction. The heat created from burning the waste boils water and produces steam, this steam drives the generator and produces electricity. The electricity that’s produced is used to power the facility and is fed into the National Grid. Enough power is generated to power a whole London Borough!

Residual waste ready for collection

Waste is incinerated and the heat from burning boils water. Leftover ash is used as aggregate

The steam generated from the boiling water turns turbines that create energy

The power is fed back into the grid and used to power homes and businesses

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