Glass Waste Recycling Process

Did you know..?

  • Recycling just three glass bottles saves enough energy to power your tv for an hour
  • If you don’t recycle glass and it ends up in landfill, it could take over a million years to break down
  • Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss in purity.

What happens to your glass waste when it’s collected by Simply Sacks?

We collect your glass bags from outside your business and take it to a processing facility for recycling.

The glass gets washed into colours and crushed into culets. These culets get melted and moulded into shapes ready to be sent to manufacturers to be repurposed as new glass packaging.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled back into a useable product in as little as 30 days.

Used glass ready for collection

Glass is collected and is then washed and crushed

Glass Cullet is produced

Cullet is used to create glass products or is added to aggregate for roadworks

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