• Bag Information FAQs

  • Our rubbish bags have a capacity of 70 litres. They are like the thicker household rubbish bags that you may find in your local supermarket.

    Our bags have a maximum weight of 6kg’s. This is for several reasons. Firstly, we don’t want you to compromise the integrity of the bag. There’s nothing worse than a stray piece of glass or metal slicing the bag and having it spill all over your feet due to its weight! Secondly, we have to think about your safety and the safety of our people.

    Overloaded or overweight bags present a clear health and safety risk. Trying to handle awkward or heavy loads leads to injury, this isn’t just to safeguard our people but also yours. Safety first!

  • We offer two types of bags. Our green glass recycling bags are for glass bottles and jars, whilst our purple general waste bags are for everything else. We do offer a cardboard recycling service that we supply special stickers for. Slap the sticker on a bundle of cardboard and we’ll collect that along with your bagged waste.

  • Service Information FAQs

  • Our main offering is the collection of rubbish bags and taped cardboard bundles. We supply two types of bags; one for general waste and one for glass recycling. We have stickers that can be placed on taped bundles of cardboard for cardboard recycling.

    Should you require any other waste related services we are able to engage with our parent company, Simply Waste Solutions who are able to supply total waste management.

    This includes shredding services, hazardous waste collection, WEEE collection, offensive and clinical waste collections as well as more mainstream wheelie bin, skip, Rear End Loader and roll on roll off services. Simply Waste Solutions can be contacted via email sales@simplywastesolutions.co.uk or by phone 03330 433 033.

  • For most areas of London, we offer 7 days a week service. Usually, we collect overnight but can collect in the day if that suits your business better. In some areas we can collect several times a day.

    We can collect any time of day, but night time collections are preferable as it is easier to navigate around the wonderful London town. If you have any questions about our ability to collect from your business, ask the question via email on hello@simplysacks.co.uk. We’re here to help.

  • We offer next working day (Monday to Friday) delivery for bag and sticker tape orders received before midday on a working day. Orders received after midday would be dispatched within 48 hours of the order, to be delivered on the next available working day. We can on occasion, supply emergency delivery of bags or tape but this attracts a fee from a courier company and as such is subject to a one-off charge.

    If running out of bags is a concern or if you have experienced it before we suggest trying our Never Run Out Service. Bag and tape ordering is done on a standing order so you have a pre-arranged number of bags/stickers delivered month in, month out. This amount can be amended should your business grow or shrink during the time you’re utilising this service.

    The benefit is that you don’t have to talk to us to order bags, they just arrive. The quantities can be amended via email should you have a busy period coming up, Christmas for instance. Email hello@simplysacks.co.uk to find out more.

  • Nothing too onerous. We need you to fill out a contract with the address of where we’re collecting from, an address to send invoices to, the type of waste you want collected, email address, phone number and name of a contact at the site we’re collecting from.

    If you are utilising the Never Run Out Service we will need you to complete a Direct Debit form. We also need to know when you put your rubbish out for collection, so we can make sure we’re in the area when you need us to be.

    That’s it. Simple!

  • We operate in most areas of London. Visit our Coverage Page or if you don’t want to navigate away from here just email us at hello@simplysacks.co.uk and ask the question.

  • Bags should be placed on the pavement outside the business we are collecting from. We will not collect from inside your business. Alleyways can be acceptable but only if they are well lit and free of hazards. We want to offer you the best service we can but will not do it at the expense of our operatives’ safety.

    Some councils may not want your waste on the pavement in case it could cause a health or fire risk. If this is the case, please email us at hello@simplysacks.co.uk so we can see if there are alternative collection methods that we can use.

  • There are multiple reasons as to why we may not have been able to collect your waste in a city as busy as London. We won’t waste time going through them all here but instead suggest we get them collected as soon as possible.

    Email us at hello@simplysacks.co.uk and give us your details and one of our agents will find out what’s gone wrong and get a collection arranged for you as soon as possible.

  • If you want more bags or tape you can drop an email to hello@simplysacks.co.uk and we will arrange delivery for you. If we need to take payment please give us the number you are contactable on today and we’ll call you to complete your order.

    If you order before midday you should receive your bags the following working day. If you order after midday your order will be with you two working days after it has been processed.

  • If you need a one-off collection, then please email us at hello@simplysacks.co.uk and we will arrange it for as soon as we are able. Please be aware that we ask for as much notice as possible when doing ad-hoc work so please let us know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    If you need to change how often your waste is collected, then please email us and we will look to see if we can amend your collection schedule to better suit your needs.

  • If you need to stop your collections for a time, please email us at hello@simplysacks.co.uk and one of our team will be able to help you.

    If you wish to terminate our services then please email us letting us know what’s changed and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.

  • We collect waste daily from most areas of London. For some businesses that are very busy but with little space to store refuse we can collect several times of day depending on your location. If you have a requirement the quickest answer would be available via email at hello@simplysacks.co.uk.

    When we set up your service we will ask the collections you need and confirm if we are able to complete them to your liking.

  • If you have to put your bags out at certain times because of council restrictions and we are unable to collect in that window we will look at the possibility of an alternative collection time. If this is a concern of yours, please email hello@simplysacks.co.uk about the issues you are facing.

    If we are unable to get to you when you need us we may be able to suggest an alternative supplier that may be able to assist.

  • That’s not good. Email us hello@simplysacks.co.uk pronto and see if there are any quick fixes available. We can get bags out the next day if you let us know before midday. Otherwise, we may be able to express some to you by courier but it does come at an additional cost. There are always ways around these things, so the best bet is to chat with us and we’ll offer you the simplest solution available.

    If you run out of bags often you should try our Never Run Out Service. It designed for people just like you.

  • Payment Information FAQs

  • The Never Run Out Service was designed to help lessen the burden that waste and recycling can represent. Anything that makes your working day easier must be a benefit, right? We aim to make the collection of your waste as invisible as possible and it seemed only natural to us that the ordering process should be as near to invisible as we can get it.

    We suggest overestimating the number of bags and cardboard recycling stickers you need to start with so you build a small stockpile. We can take this into consideration when setting up your standing order for bags so that one or two months out of the year you would not need to receive a delivery. Initially, the system may need to be tinkered with but once we strike the right balance you may never need to talk to us again!

    In short, the Never Run Out Service simplifies your life. Can’t be bad can it?

  • Direct Debits lower the cost of administration for you and your business as well as ours. Used in conjunction with our Never Run Out Service it’s just another way that saves you having to contact us.

    The benefit to our customers that use the Direct Debit system is lower costs. It doesn’t cost as much to administer your contract so we don’t charge as much. This is demonstrated by the waiving of delivery charges when using the Never Run Out Service.

    Where payments are the same month in, month out it makes sense to use the Direct Debit system. We are called Simply and we do things simply.

  • Yes. We can take card payments when ordering. We find it easiest for you if you drop us an email with your requirements and then we will contact you to take payment. Once the payment has been processed we will dispatch your order.

    We accept most major debit and credit cards with the exception of American Express.

  • We don’t give credit accounts for bag collections unless you are paying via Direct Debit on our Never Run Out Service. We can issue invoices against orders but will not dispatch orders until payment has been made. Payment on invoice would attract an administration fee.

    You can use the BACs system or card payments to settle balances of invoices.

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or cheque payments. We accept card payments, BAC’s transfers and Direct Debit payments.

  • General Information FAQs

  • Yes. We ask for a signed contract prior to starting our services. There are several reasons why a contract is important to us. Firstly, it doubles as the Waste Transfer Note between our businesses. This is a legal requirement and something that we both need to add legitimacy to the services we are performing for you. Secondly, it adds in some security for us.

    The administration and delivery of new services are costly. The contract between us is there to ensure we do our job and that you agree to us working for you.

  • In the first year of service your contract with us acts as a Waste Transfer Note. Should you ever lose the contract or be beyond your first year with us, we can supply you with the current Waste Transfer Note at any time. Send an email to hello@simplysacks.co.uk to request a copy of your Waste Transfer Note.

  • We’re sorry that you are not satisfied with your interactions with Simply Sacks. If you would like to complain we would ask for it in writing in the first instance so that we can investigate, and where possible resolve any issues you have had.

    Please email any complaints to hello@simplysacks.co.uk giving your business name and address, the nature and details of your complaint and any other information you think is important. We will endeavour to resolve any issues you have as soon as we are able.

  • Our people would love to meet you! We have representatives that are readily available to come and see your business and talk about your waste and recycling needs. Should you wish to meet somebody please email hello@simplysacks.co.uk and we’ll arrange it for you.

  • Of the three waste types we currently collect, the glass and cardboard are 100% recycled. The general waste we collect is re-purposed to fuel Waste to Energy Plants. The power it generates is fed back into London and helps power the 100,000 homes the plant supplies energy to.

    Please see below to take a look at how your waste is processed after it’s collected by Simply Sacks

    Glass Waste Recycling Process
    Residual Waste Process
    Cardboard Recycling Process

  • Yes, we can. We cover most of London on our own vehicles. Drop hello@simplysacks.co.uk an email and we’ll get it all set up for you, simple!

    Should your other premises be outside of London, our parent company, Simply Waste Solutions, can provide waste management service with the length and breadth of the country. You can contact them here and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • Simply Sacks only operates a bag service but our parent company, Simply Waste Solutions, offer complete waste management solutions. We can liaise with them for you and arrange any services.

  • We can sometimes assist with clearances if the waste isn’t bulky and is in bags. Contact us via hello@simplysacks.co.uk and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for the clearance.

    We will often ask for a picture of the waste prior to quoting so please be ready to provide one as it speeds up the quoting process.

  • We accept clean glass bottles and glass jars of any colour in our glass recycling sacks.

    Window glass, windscreen glass, safety glass and glazed glass cannot go into our bags.

  • Our cardboard recycling service is easy to use. Flat pack your cardboard boxes and stack them into a pile. Tape them together so that they are held firmly together. Then cut one length of sticker (denoted by the cut marks) from your sticker roll and stick it to the bundle. Leave the bundle out for collection with the sticker clearly displayed and we’ll collect it. Easy as that.

  • If you are fined by your local council for waste being out on the pavement when it shouldn’t be then it is you who are responsible for paying the fine. Should we miss a collection there is no doubt there is a valid reason as to why.

    Wherever possible we will try and notify you if we are going to be late, however, this is not always possible. If we do notify you of a delay we suggest taking the bags back in until we have updated you with a new collection window.


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