Cardboard Recycling Process

Did you know..?

  • Recycling cardboard reduces energy use and CO2 emissions
  • If cardboard ends up in landfill it rots and produces harmful greenhouse gasses
  • Recycling cardboard requires only 75% of the energy required to make new cardboard from raw materials

What happens to cardboard when it’s collected by Simply Sacks?

The cardboard bundles get taken to a paper mill where they’re broken down, sorted and graded. It’s pulped in a tank containing water and chemicals to separate the fibres and screened to clear any debris.

The pulp mixture is spun before being sprayed onto a mesh conveyor which removes most of the water and forms the sheet. It’s then pressed and heated until the correct thickness and moisture levels are achieved and rolled into large rolls for manufacturing.

Used cardboard ready for collection

Cardboard is broken down, sorted and graded. It is then pulped.

Recycled cardboard ready for manufacturing

New cardboard products

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