Business Waste Collection Services

Pre-Paid Waste Bags

Simply Sacks waste bag collection service suits London businesses perfectly as they often lack space to store large wheelie bins. These pre-paid refuse sacks are the prefect solution while still making sure your business has professional, reliable and environmentally friendly waste management.

Our bags are offered on a pre-paid service. This means you only pay for the bag and delivery (want free delivery? Check out the ‘Never Run Out Service’), collection and disposal are included in the price, meaning you only pay for what your business throws out.

Our pre-paid waste bags can be used as normal bin liners and after a busy day at ‘the office’, tie them up and pop them outside for collection.

Not everyone’s ‘office’ is the same, for some it’s a vibrant late-night bar, others it’s a more conventional white walled office and then there’s everything in between. Nothing’s new to Simply Sacks and it can help any business who needs bag collections. With our dept being based in London, the drivers know the area like the back of their hands, which is handy when getting around the city’s traffic. If your business is outside of London or you have multiple businesses across the UK Simply Sacks works with trusted partners to enable a national collection.

There are two types of premium waste bags; purple bags for residual (general) waste and green bags for glass recycling. We also offer rolls of cardboard sticker tape. The cardboard sticker tape can be used to bundle together cardboard packaging and placed outside your business with your bags for collection and recycling.

Never Run Out Service

We’re always striving to make life easier for our customers – knowing how stressful looking after a business can be – you can get the premium waste bags and cardboard tape on a Never Run Out service. This one time set up service means that you’ll have a standing order of bags delivered (with free delivery) every month straight to your business with no intervention from yourself. When using the never run out service, there is no delivery charge – WINNING!

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