Business Waste Collection Services

Our London pre-paid waste bag collection service is best suited to businesses who lack space for bins but still require professional waste management.

Using Simply Sacks is simple – it’s in the name! – buy bags, line your bins, fill them up and we will collect them.

Never Run Out Waste Bag Service

We strive to simplify life for our customers – knowing how stressful looking after a business can be – and that’s why we offer premium waste bags on a never run out service.

This means you’ll have a standing order of bags delivered monthly, straight to your business; meaning you will… never run out.

What is Simply Sacks?

Simply Sacks is a specialist refuse bag collection company who offer a professional and dedicated pre-paid bag collection in the London area.
Simply Sacks offer residual (general) waste bags, glass recycling bags and cardboard tape to bale together cardboard for collection.
Stemming from Simply Waste Solutions (SWS), a waste management company, Simply Sacks uses SWS’ resources and knowledge to offer this dedicated refuse bag collection service. Read More.

Why choose Simply Sacks?

Simply Sacks complete hundreds of waste bag collections each and every month across London & the rest of the UK (with help from our trusted partners). We are proud to mention that Simply Sacks is a zero to landfill company; meaning your waste either gets made into energy or is recycled.

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